NAMM 2019

It was another great year attending the NAMM convention in Anaheim. This year I focused on making some new connections and getting to know more about the industry. I met many talented musicians and innovative thinkers. Yet, the information available was what really refueled my passion for recording and mixing.

Tony Maserati - NAMM 2019

Tony Maserati - NAMM 2019

I heard some great lectures by Tony Maserati, Fab DuPont, and Jacquire King, just to name a few. Taking mixes and letting them take on a life of their own seemed to be the universal theme from many of these talented engineers. Using parallel aux tracks to blend layers of textures was a reassuring message since that is how I do many of my layering techniques. What I found the most interesting was how each of these pros set up their EQ and compression chains. Seeing and hearing how they shaped sound has really opened my thinking about how to approach a mix.

I’m going to be spending a lot of my free time to practice some of these techniques and start developing some new signal chains. This will create a new sound for all of my mixes that will benefit every client at the studio.

Among the many things to see, experience, and hear at the NAMM convention, I also spent some time listening to the educational talks that where happening at NAMM U. I’d love to share some of the ideas and techniques that were discussed at these lectures. Set ups some time to come by the studio and we can engage in a discussion that will definitely help you get a better understanding of the music industry and how it can be integrated into your marketing and social networks.