New studio membership benefits


The studio membership program has been quite successful and has helped musicians get the assistance they need to complete their recordings and distribute their music to the world. Part of the new studio membership is the in-studio musician training that will give all studio members access to our staff to get assistance with every aspect of their musical career. This will include professional feedback for everything from composing songs to stage performance. The goal is to provide constructive feedback that will help musicians make critical decisions about their public appearance. Not just online, but in-person, which will help develop stronger relationships with managers, bookers, promoters, and most importantly the fans.

We have 2 options for studio membership right now and may add more in the future. Both options for membership come with our in-studio training. Paired with our online services, each member has access to our services wherever they are for any occasion. So if you have plans to work on music videos or start to plan your upcoming tour, we are here to assist you with every step of the process.