Voice Over

Professional VO actors available to read your script. We use professional mics and preamps to get a clean and powerful sound from each recording. If you would like to book an actor, please contact the studio for more details. VO actors are not paid by Shine On Studio. Each actor sets their own rate based on the script.



The classic American male voice. Commonly mistaken for Sam Elliot, James' voice is strong and firm. The ideal voice if you're trying to get attention to your script.



The voice that sells. Karen has a professional delivery and distinct articulation. Her voice is perfect for commercial spots, audio books, narration, and cartoons.



A strong male voice that has the neighbor next door attitude. David has done VO work for CBS, MTV, The History Channel, Live 105.3 FM KITS San Francisco, and many company websites, phone messages, and radio commercials.

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A natural woman's voice with the ability to do young or more mature rolls. Stephanie has done work for company websites, commercials, documentaries, and guided tours.