Shine On Studio partners and business links

Damon Tighe    Photographer

Damon Tighe 


Damon Tighe Photography 

Damon's Photo Gallery

Damon has captured numerous breath-taking photos over the years. His photo gallery is one of the world's most impressive. With an eye for detail, emotion and colors are meticulously placed and deeply embedded in each and every photo Damon develops.

Luke Dollar    Bay Area Artist

Luke Dollar 

Bay Area Artist

Luke Dollar Fine Art 

Luke may be the world's greatest modern painter of our time. His art ranges from family portraits to psychedelic abstract visions from a parallel universe. Luke has many works of art in his collection and he can be commissioned for new works of art.

Luke will paint a new album cover for you and really make your album stand out. He has a lot of paintings that are not on his site, so contact him and he'll send you some mind-blowing images of his recent works.

John Scott School of Voice 

John is one of the best & teaches vocalists to control their singing ability. Vocalists seeking to sculpt a long and prosperous career in the music industry should contact John to discuss their options. 

Pacific Optimedia

Josh & Lewis do A+ work. CD / DVD duplication services right here in Oakland. They're rates are very affordable and they always do an excellent job. We've got a bunch of CDs at the studio that were printed at Pacific Optimedia, just ask and we'll show you some of their work.