Video Editing & Music Scores

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Video Editing & Music Scores

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Video production for your band music video or personal home videos. We can add visual effects to enhance your movies. If you'd like to have your video stand out from basic home movies, order our video editing service to get a professional touch for your video. We'll add credits and text to enrich the video experience for all your viewers.

Video Service:
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We offer 3 flat rate services + Custom rates upon request:

  1. Basic Editing: This service is best for small productions that just need clips spliced together and credits added to the beginning and ending of the video.

  2. Enhanced Editing: when you need your video to stand out and have the eye-catching flare of a professional video, then this is the best option for your video.

  3. Pro Production: for the serious video editing clients, this service gives you ample time to review video clips and work with our engineers to give your film the time it deserves to really impress. This option can be modified to offer original music compositions to your film. Please contact the studio for more details.

Music Video Production: When your band needs a music video, we can help. There are 2 ways we can assist with the production of your music video.

  1. (MV1) We can use a pre-recorded song and set up GoPro cameras around the studio to shoot a live studio video for the song. We'll edit the different angles and give you a video ready to published to your website.

  2. (MV2) The second option is we can record the band live and shoot a video in the process to give that "behind the scenes" feel to your music video. We can also include interviews and documentary style commentary upon request.

In addition to our listed video editing services, we provide custom rates for projects that may need a bit more attention and time dedicated to post-production. Please contact the studio for more information on getting a custom quote on your project.