How to listen

Gain Staging

Advice on how to make good use of the meters in your DAW and learn how to properly read them. 

The Moments Between

There are some things in life that can make you forget for a brief moment. That moment is the fuel for inspiration. It brings you to a place that seems illusive; yet it just appears at times. It's the moments of silence when colors get brighter. It's the moment when you step outside and take in the warmth of the sun. It's the moment of silence right before the music begins.

People experience the world in different ways. Just the knowledge of that fact is a mystery of the universe. The knowledge that you are different from everyone else who has ever lived or ever will live. This idea alone has an endless stream of inspiration for the mind to ask questions and develop an imagination for possibilities. The mind is an enigma of it's own existence.

What would you do to have a job that stimulates your mind everyday? A job that encourages you to be creative and constantly explore the depths of your own soul. Your imagination soars above reason and brings you to intrigue. For a brief moment, you leave your body and float away on a cloud of divinity.

To exist is to be artistic. We all find ways to be creative and to fill the time with fascination. Be aware of these brief moments and appreciate what they are sharing with you. Listen to the sounds of time and feel unique that you get to live and experience. Forget the distractions and actually look with your own eyes at the moment right in front of you.

Music is the proof that our very being is not all in vain. We may not know the purpose for our existence; yet we have found a way to entertain ourselves and leave a lineage of exquisite sound for generations to come. To be an audio engineer is to be an engineer of the universe. We are architects of time and space. We sculpt moments of sound into an existence of eternity. We are the offspring of evolution and the parents of immortality.

The next time you have one of those moments between, stop and absorb the space around you.