Wireless speakers are very popular and practically in every home around the world. This overwhelming popularity is changing the way music is heard and is setting new standards for audio production. Now I have a very important question for you, do you know what your mixes sound like on these little sound systems? Did you know Siri and Alexa are the world’s most popular DJs? If you want them to play your music, you need to make sure your mixes are wireless speaker friendly. I've dug through some options and hand-picked a few that I would recommend for you. Please contact me if you have any questions.



I’ve had Anker Soundcore speakers around my home for a few years. They seem to last a long time on a single charge, so they’re good to have anywhere in the house or even in the backyard. You can now buy the new version and pair them to a single source. They come in black, red, and blue. So you can pick a color that works with your studio decor. Right now there is a $5 coupon on almost every wireless speaker, so don’t wait and buy one today.

SONAS SOUNDS: A company that has built a reputation on producing some great sounds systems. The Traveller is a great portable option and and is an amazing deal. If you’re looking for something a bit bigger, the Sonas Sounds Summit is only $49.99. If you want Alexa compatiblity, check out the Play:1. The Sonas One has Alexa built-in! If you want more than one around your home, check out the 2 pack.


OontZ: Ratings are important because they help you learn what others think about products. The OontZ line of Bluetooth speakers has some of the most and highest ratings on Amazon. They’re also quite affordable. Right now it looks like most of them have a discount that can be applied.


AMAZON ECHO: The wireless speaker system that is projected to be in every home in the USA by the year 2025. If you don’t already own one, it might be time for you to pony up and get one. To be honest, you could have more than one Bluetooth speaker in your studio to check your mixes. This line is more limited. I don’t recommend the little Echo Dot. Yet, it is popular, so maybe you do want one to use for reference. The nice thing about this line is that is has a SUB! For those of you that love bass, this may be a good option to check out.