Advanced Audio Production Lessons


Advanced Audio Production Lessons

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These courses are designed to help you get more familiar with audio production and have the confidence you need to work in the industry. Each course will focus on a specific topic and include guided projects. These projects will give you time to work at your studio and bring them in to your lessons. Then your instructor will give you feedback and review your work so that you can discuss and ask questions about difficulties or ideas that you had while working on the project. The concept is to make sure that you get direct feedback on your work so that you can enhance and develop your production skills to a professional level.

MICROPHONES: Setting up and using microphones is an art form that has been mastered by some of the greatest engineers. A well placed mic can do so much for a recording. Saving time in Post-Production and developing a richer sound go a long way for a mix. When you know how to choose and use different types and styles of microphones, you will be better prepared to develop your approach to recording and mixing.

COMPRESSION: The mysterious element of your mix that seems to elude your grasp. Well now you can debunk the mysticism and start using this powerful tool to control and shape your mixes. We’ll cover different types of compressors and different ways to use each.

EQ: The power to shape and sculpt a sound can be a thing of beauty. Pieces that fit with each other can make a mix more dynamic. This course will give you a new look at the most common tool in audio production. We’ll start with some common EQ applications and move in to more advanced techniques that will drastically change the way you mix.

ADVANCED MIXING: Knowing more about how to approach a mix can open up so many doors for your career. This course covers part of the microphones, compression, and EQ courses with more about utilizing the whole palette of effects and plugins that are available. This is a great course if you already have some idea of what your doing. We’ll build on the knowledge you have and find ways to get you to broaden your career.

ADVANCED AUDIO PRODUCTION: This is the course that is going to teach you all the things that you want to know about audio production. Well, not everything, but it’s going to elevate your production to a level that is respectable. This course covers the microphones, compression, EQ, & Advanced Mixing courses in whole and then we’ll start working on the hidden secrets that can separate you from the heard.