Hard Drives

A hard drive in this digital era is the core of your studio. A good hard drive will provide you years of reliable performance. It's very important that you purchase the right kind of hard drive for you system. Not all hard drives are created equally. 


Glyph Black box ssd

The Blackbox Plus is a rugged, mobile hard drive designed for creative professionals. It features the latest USB-C and Thunderbolt3 technologies, optimized passive cooling and integrated health monitoring. Plus, it’s built to take a beating. Perfect companion for any DAW.

Glyph Black Box 7200rpm

If you want reliable performance, but don't need an SSD drive, then you need a 7200rpm drive to keep up with your DAW. Glyph makes some great hard drives and their black box line is rugged and portable. You can get a lot more space with these drives at a much more affordable price tag. 

Fantom Drives gForce3

If your hard drive is just going to chill on your desk and doesn't need to be moved, then you should consider these bad boys. You can get a lot of storage for a very low price. These drives perform great and my studio is loaded with them. No problems have ever arisen with these drives so they're my highest recommendation. 


Other Hard Drive Options for you to consider for your studio: 


Fantom Drives G-Force3 Robusk Mini 7200RPM USB 3.0

Fantom Drives Robust Mini's aluminum and silicone design safeguards performance and data against impacts, accidental drops, and life in general. Uncompromising toughness in this pocket-sized drive will protect your data while you're on the go as never before. A fully bus-powered design keeps you free of power bricks and voltage converters while you travel with confidence knowing your files will arrive safely. 

Make sure you only purchase the 7200 RPM versions. 

500GB $74.95   •••   1TB $89.82


Western Digital Elements External HD

These portable drives are perfect for extra storage. I'm not recommending these as your main hard drive for recording. These are great when you just need to backup or archive your data. You get loads of storage space for a very reasonable price. They're small so they don't take up a lot of room in your studio. It's always good to have a backup copy of all your data, so you might want to consider adding one of these to your setup. Better to be safe than sorry. As I always say, "The difference between an amatuer and a professional is the backup."