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Music Review | Warme

  • Artist: WARME
  • Track: Council House Opera

Rock n' Roll is alive and kicking! The Brit Indie Rockers 'WARME' are building back the iconic empire or the classic rock that fueled the music industry through the last century. The single "Council House Opera" has a familiar sound that was reminiscent of some of the most memorable bands from the '90s. Tones of BUSH, The VERVE, & SOUL ASYLUM are evident in the heart-pounding rock of WARME.

The music industry has been over saturated with so many musicians that it has become more and more difficult to discover new music that needs to be heard. WARME is one of the bands that will rise to the top with the music that grips your soul and takes you for a ride. Council House Opera was written by the band's lead singer, Lee, and has lyrics that relate to the band's real life struggles. Lyrics that relate to everyone on some level and point to the realities of our modern society.  WARME is a band for any rock enthusiast and should be on a stage near you in the near future.

Music For Film & Television

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Getting into the film and television business can be a very lucrative outlet for your musical creativity. The motion picture industry is booming and movie ticket sales are steady throughout the year. Almost every major US holiday sees a gross increase in movie goers and this is a great audience to expose to your music.

There are a few things to keep in mind when sending your music to movie companies for consideration. Make sure your lyrical content is relative to the theme or script of the movie. Most movie executives place music in their movies because the it enhances the mood or creates a bond between the characters and the movie viewers. This is essentially the most important part of your decision process for sending in your music.