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Editing audio for film with Harrison MixBus

Getting into the film and television business can be a very lucrative outlet for your musical creativity. The motion picture industry is booming and movie ticket sales are steady throughout the year. Almost every major US holiday sees a gross increase in movie goers and this is a great audience to expose to your music.

There are a few things to keep in mind when sending your music to movie companies for consideration. Make sure your lyrical content is relative to the theme or script of the movie. Most movie executives place music in their movies because the it enhances the mood or creates a bond between the characters and the movie viewers. This is essentially the most important part of your decision process for sending in your music.

GoPro Video now available for studio sessions


Getting HD footage of recording sessions is now possible with our new line of GoPro cameras. The music enthusiasts at GoPro have done an impressive job making cameras and mounts for us to capture stunning footage of musicians in the studio. We just started shooting footage this month and the sessions we've started editing look amazing. We can capture overhead views of the drums, clamp cameras to the necks of guitars and basses, and mount multiple angles in the vocal booth. Once the edits start getting finished, we'll be posting the videos to our YouTube channel. Bands that want to use the footage for music videos & documentaries can purchase the digital video files. We will also provide video editing at the studio at our regular hourly rate or clients can include it into the flat-rate quote for projects. More details to come soon. Once we have a few videos up for viewing, clients can decide how they'd like to set up the cameras to capture the studio sessions.