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Music Review of the Day | The Long Kiss

A new sound has emerged from the Hip Hop music industry in Louisville, KY. The Long Kiss is the recent release from Rich Quick & Solid B now available for download on their ReverbNation page. One of the impressive tracks on this album is "Flash." The mellow tones soothe the soul and the lyrics give you concepts to contemplate about views on life. These emcees are turning back to their roots and putting meaning and definition back into Hip Hop music. Rich Quick, Solid B, and Veritas of Illiads are a force gaining strength in the music industry and this track exemplifies the talent and lyrical power these vocalists possess. Spend the next few moments of your day listening to the silky smooth sounds of "Flash" and reward yourself for being able to experience new music.

  • Richard Wisdom aka Rich Quick
  • Oscar Woolfolk aka Solid B
  • Adam Greeson aka Veritas of Illiads