Recording | Pro VO tracking

Voice over work can be very profitable and provide steady income. You just need one thing, a professional sound. Some recordings are just superior to others and it boils down to the talent and how the talent is recorded. Imagine just reading out loud for the rest of your professional career. At Shine On Studio, I produce some of the highest quality vocal recordings heard around the world. If you have a critical VO recording that needs to sound extremely professional, you've found your new recording studio.

My equipment and mic selection offers a wide range of presence and tone that will compliment any voice actor's project. I've worked with professional commercial productions for Television, Video Games, Theatrical Releases, Company Promotions, Educational Documentaries, Audio Books, Instructional DVDs, TV commercials, Radio commercials, and Private Interviews. I provide direction and vocal coaching to help clients get the right performance recorded to impress their employers.

Come by the studio for a tour and hear some of the quality production that has been produced at Shine On Studio. You've got the talent and I've got the experience to get the job done right. Professional sound for professional voice actors.