Mastering | What to expect

I regularly get the question, "what is mastering?" So let me break it down to the fundamentals. Mastering is basically checking your mix for any problems and then optimizing it for release to the public. I have had some mixes come in for mastering that are ready to go and don't need any adjustments. There are also the mixes that come in and need to be sent back to the mixing engineer. Mastering cannot fix a bad mix, so don't send your mix in if you don't like the way it sounds. A good mastering engineer takes a good mix and makes it better without squishing the dynamics out of the mix. Putting a limiter on the master buss is not mastering.

Here at Shine On Studio, we master your track with precision tools to enhance your mix. We do not alter the mix or make drastic changes to the EQ spectrum. You spent a lot of time working on your mix and we ensure that your masters sound clear and dynamic.

We do offer a class on how to master music. If you'd like to enroll or get more info, please comment or contact the studio.