Pro Tools Lessons at a pro studio

Now is a great time to start your Pro Tools education and kick-start your audio production career. Learn the basics all the way up to advanced mixing & mastering. Get a hands-on feel for how the audio production industry works on a daily basis by sitting in on live recording and mixing sessions. Shine On Studio offers many different options for ProTools lessons.

Our hourly lessons allow you to pick up or start wherever you are with your Pro Tools knowledge. You can set up time to meet with an engineer and review any part of ProTools recording or mixing techniques that you would like to learn. This is a great option for those that just need to fine tune certain skills or that just want to get into the Pro Tools community.

For those that are looking for a more in-depth approach to their Pro Tools education, our apprenticeship program is a great opportunity. Apprentices will get plenty of one-on-one time with an engineer to build their knowledge of how to set up sessions, place microphones, use digital and analog effects, build multiple mix templates, and a whole lot more. Apprentices get to sit in on recording and mixing sessions to see exactly how an engineer handles the daily workflow.

Please visit our webpage on ProTools lessons or contact the studio for further details. Now is a great time to start your ProTools education and move your career in a new direction.