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Pro Tools Lessons

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Select the time or class that you'd like to schedule for your lesson. We offer lessons at the studio, online, & we will travel to your location. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Gain the skills you need to professionally record and mix audio. Our production classes are designed around the student and focus on what each student would like to learn. We can cover every aspect of audio production and give you the knowledge needed to navigate and speed up your workflow for a professional sound. 

Learn Pro Tools at a professional recording studio. Engineer David Hughes has 20+ years of experience working with the industry standard DAW and can teach students the basic fundamentals all the way up to advanced routing and mastering techniques. 

Classes available for students of all ages and levels of experience. 

Get the education that you deserve. One-on-One classes with a Pro Tools Expert is the only way to sharpen your skills and become the engineer that you've always dreamed of being. Each student will get personal training in our studio and be able to assist in recording with some of our regular clients.

Here are the current options for online and in studio classes:

  • Customized Lessons for Pro Tools & Audio Production
  • Pro Tools 101
  • Pro Tools 110
  • Pro Tools 201
  • Pro Tools 210M
  • Pro Tools 210P
  • Pro Tools 310M
  • Pro Tools 310P
  • Pro Tools 401

Bundle Packages are available for getting a more comprehensive education in audio production. These packages include techniques for audio production outside of Pro Tools. You'll learn valuable techniques for mic placement, using outboard gear, setting up MIDI sequencers to sync with Pro Tools, and more studio techniques with instrument recording.

Bundle 1 includes: PT101, PT 110, PT201, PT210M, & PT210P

Bundle 2 includes: PT101, PT 110, PT201, PT210M, PT210P, PT310M, PT310P, PT401

Learn to record, mix, & master your audio with the industry standard DAW. Sessions can be customized for your skill level. Engineers can help you review anything that you'd like to learn. Lessons are available by appointment. If you're looking for a more in-depth education we offer a 10 lesson & a 30 lesson course. These are classes that are designed to give students a solid and fundamental knowledge about recording, mixing, and all aspects of the recording studio business. Call the studio for more details on any of our lesson plans.

Class options include the following plus many more: 

  • Session setup
  • Audio routing
  • Recording Fundamentals
  • FX sends & returns
  • Integration of analog equipment
  • Basic mixing techniques
  • Advanced mixing techniques
  • Advanced post-production  
  • Mastering workflow

PT101 is a 2 day beginner oriented AVID / Digidesign Pro Tools Authorized Training course that covers basic principles of digital music production and recording in Pro Tools, giving you what you need to complete a project, from initial set up to final mix down. Feel confident with your Pro Tools skills when your project involves live instruments, recording vocals, MIDI sequencing or audio looping. This Pro Tools course gives you the basic skills to succeed in the music industry.

PT110 is a 3 day class, and covers the key concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools 10/11 system in a home or semi-professional studio environment. In this Pro Tools class, you will learn to record, edit, and use the essentials of automation, as well as work with both audio and MIDI to further your Audio knowledge. This course is perfect for aspiring music producers and engineers who want to expand their abilities as an advanced Pro Tools user.

PT201 is a 2 day Pro Tools class that develops the skills needed to operate a Pro Tools system in a professional studio environment. Students are introduced to professional Pro Tools HD systems, control surfaces and develop professional skills in editing, mixing, session management, and automation with Pro Tools Training as the focus.

PT210M & PT210P are each 3 day Advanced Pro Tools classes that teach the skills needed to competently operate a sophisticated Pro Tools system in a professional environment. Each of these courses will sharpen your understanding of how to use Pro Tools to produce and focus on music.

PT310M & PT310P are each 3 day Pro Tools Courses for the most advanced users. Students are exposed to highly advanced editing and mixing techniques, advanced control surfaces, troubleshooting techniques, automation and various complex plug-in processes.

PT401 is a course for those seeking to expand their abilities and learn the secret art of mastering. This course is not for the novice Pro Tools user. Instructors will cover the most advanced studio setups and how to work with metering and audio analyzers. Mastering is the most delicate of the audio arts and takes years to perfect. With this course, we will set you in the right direction for a deeper understanding of the mastering process and how to establish yourself in the world of audio as one of the best mastering engineers.

All purchases are final. All sessions booked by appointment only. Cancellations more than 72 hours prior to the session start time can use a portion of the pre-paid funds towards a future session. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Holiday sessions usually cannot be rescheduled and funds are non-refundable & non-transferable. Deals may not be combined or used in conjunction with each other unless approved in writing by Shine On Studio.

In the event that the studio has to cancel or reschedule a session, clients will be given an option to receive a refund or reschedule their session with no fee or penalty. We understand that plans change and unforeseen circumstances arise, so if you have a reason to change or reschedule any session, please contact us.