Shine On Studio - Professional Audio Production

Our goal at Shine On Studio is to provide high-quality audio production. Over the years, we've worked on projects from every genre of music. Our engineers are musicians, so we know how to relate to your ideas and inspirations. Work with a music producer that knows how to mix songs with optimized enhancements. Get professional mastering to make sure your music has the right balance and levels to compete with mainstream music.


Professional Vocal Recording

Our primary specialty is voice recordings. We provide the highest quality for vocal recordings on many types of VO productions like musical compositions, podcasts, television and radio commercials, video narration, audio books, website commentary, video games, documentaries, legal depositions, and professional interviews.

Create and Compose

In addition to our high caliber vocal recordings, we provide professional audio production for the recording and composition of music. Our main live room has ample room for musicians. The studio has a very relaxed atmosphere and we're constantly working to make each recording more inspiring. Each session is unique in every way, so you can feel comfortable branching out and experimenting on some new ideas.

David Hughes • Music Producer, Composer, Engineer

Get professional service from an engineer that has been working with musicians from all over the world for 20 years. Recommended by clients as the best music producer they have ever worked with in their career. 

Call for more info: 510.681.7969 or CONTACT us via email for a quote.

Our Clients Love us

Shine On Studio has always been working hard to make sure every client is completely satisfied with the audio production we provide. Every client gets our professional production and honest opinion. When you invest in your recordings with us, we invest our time and reputation with you. We will do all we can to make your music heard and appreciated around the world. We grow when you grow, so there is always a tight connection to make the most of every production at the studio.