Pro Tools HDX

An industry standard for good reason, Pro Tools HD offers pristine audio that can easily be mixed for a professional sound. Recording is the most important part of audio production and our A/D & D/A converters provide amazing clarity and detail. Vocals and instruments sound amazing and professional right from the start.

Recording is by far the most important part of making music. Capturing the soul and emotion of a musical performance is not just as simple as putting a mic in front of an instrument or amp. Proper mic placement and input signal are the main ingredients for a good foundation to a solid mix.  At Shine On Studio, we will professionally record your music with sonic clarity and dynamic detail. When it comes time to mix, we'll spend time enhancing your music and not fixing problems with the original recording. When your base tracks already sound great, mixing is quite enjoyable and can inspire new ideas to mold and shape the music. Our team of specialized engineers will help you achieve the quality of sound you're seeking.


All clients should bring a USB or Firewire hard drive to store the digital media files from the studio sessions. Shine On Studio is not responsible for storage of any recordings or digital media. We will keep files on our drives while the projects are active. However, we are not responsible for any loss of data.

DAVID HUGHES   | Pro Tools Expert

DAVID HUGHES | Pro Tools Expert

A member of the band

At Shine On Studio, we like to work a little differently than the idea behind a recording studio. Our engineers are engaged in your project to inspire and fuel the creative process. The focus of the studio is to produce quality recordings that will last the test of time and be cherished by all the generations to follow. We're invested in your music and we consider ourselves a member of the band. Audio production is a creative and musical process that we take extremely serious. We use the recorded audio to sculpt and shape the sound into a unique experience for the listener. Our skills are vital to your sound and we want to be just as proud of the production as you do. We are honored that you've chosen Shine On Studios for your production and we'll do everything we can to make you happy and proud to share your music with the world. You are not just another client, you are a part of our family and community.

CHRISTOPHER RUIZ  | Professional Studio Musician

CHRISTOPHER RUIZ | Professional Studio Musician

Professional Studio Musicians

Good musicians can really make an impact on an album. We've worked with some of the best musicians in the Bay Area. We've partnered with many outstanding musicians to offer you superb studio musicians for your recording project. Singer / Songwriters can rejoice and relax knowing that the best musicians in the Bay Area are available to lay down tracks on your project. Just contact the studio for details on hiring professional studio musicians.