Start your audio production education at a full-production recording studio. Learn all the fundamentals of recording, mixing, and mastering with engineers that are currently working full-time in the audio industry. Classes can be customized to fit your desired education curriculum and be structured to move at a pace that works for you. All lessons are set up by appointment, so you can make your schedule flexible to fit with your daily obligations. 


        All students that come for a free initial consultation will get an in-depth look at how a professional studio operates. An engineer will talk with you about what you want to learn and review what you already know. This way you can get right down to business at your first lesson. We want to show you how comfortable our studio environment is for your learning and further your education in audio production. Please visit our booking page to schedule a free consultation. 

        If you know a little or a lot about Pro Tools, we can customize a lesson to get you the knowledge and techniques that you need to stay sharp. There are many different ways to track and mix in Pro Tools and it's always good to know a few different options when you are looking for new strategies to approaching a project.

Custom Course: You can setup a custom course to learn specific aspects of audio production and / or Pro Tools software. Our engineers can show you how to place microphones, setup amps for recording, how to use direct boxes, patch-bay routing, and many more skills that are required to be successful in the audio recording business.

Bundled Courses: Want to save some $$$ and sign up for multiple courses? We can bundle any of the courses below and create a package deal for you. Here are our most popular bundle courses. If you'd like to mix n' match courses for a bundle, just ask us.

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AVID Pro Tools Software

Bundle 1: (PT101, PT110, PT201)                                                                                            Bundle Price: $2,100

To sweeten this bundle deal, you get 2 additional follow up classes to really sharpen your Pro Tools skills.

Bundle 2: (PT101, PT 110, PT201, PT210M, PT210P, PT310M, PT310P, PT401)                    Bundle Price: $4,100

To sweeten this bundle deal, you get 4 additional follow up classes to really sharpen your Pro Tools skills.

2 Hour Session: 

Learn audio production at your own pace. This lesson option allows you to sit down with a mentor and discuss all aspects of audio production. You can learn about Pro Tools, Microphones, Mic Preamps, Interfaces, Studio Configuration, Composing Music, Producing Music, and more. These short classes are designed to help you maximize the amount of information at a pace that is comfortable for your education. Please visit our booking page to schedule one of these classes. 

Pro Tools Courses

Pro Tools Lessons
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PT101 is a beginner oriented AVID / Digidesign Pro Tools Authorized Training course that covers basic principles of digital music production and recording in Pro Tools, giving you what you need to complete a project, from initial set up to final mix down. Feel confident with your Pro Tools skills when your project involves live instruments, recording vocals, MIDI sequencing or audio looping. This Pro Tools course gives you the basic skills to succeed in the music industry.

PT110 covers the key concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools system in a home or semi-professional studio environment. In this Pro Tools class, you will learn to record, edit, and use the essentials of automation, as well as work with both audio and MIDI to further your Audio knowledge. This course is perfect for aspiring music producers and engineers who want to expand their abilities as an advanced Pro Tools user.

PT201 is a Pro Tools class that develops the skills needed to operate a Pro Tools system in a professional studio environment. Students are introduced to professional Pro Tools HD systems, control surfaces and develop professional skills in editing, mixing, session management, and automation with Pro Tools training as the focus.

PT210M is an advanced course to teach the fundamentals of composing and mixing. This course will cover how to set up MIDI and create music within the Pro Tools DAW using software synths and samplers. This is a great course if you're looking to start getting into to creating more custom music and having tactile control over many aspects of the music. 

PT210P is an advanced Pro Tools course that teaches the skills needed to competently operate a sophisticated Pro Tools system in a professional environment. This course will sharpen your understanding of how to use Pro Tools to produce music. Students will be engaged with a mentor on how to make critical decisions for adding and removing tracks from a mix. This course covers how to make those little adjustments to a mix that can make a huge difference. Advanced plug-in processing is also covered in this course to give students more confidence in making choices on how to shape and shift audio in the mix for a better balance. 

PT310M takes mixing to the next level. Students in this course learn some trade secrets for mixing and get to experiment with some out-of-the-box ideas and concepts for shaping and crafting unique mixing skills. This course will elevate your production skills and give you the ability to make high quality mixes that will sound big and full. This course does require PT210M as a prerequisite. 

PT310P Pro Tools Course for the most advanced users. Students are exposed to highly advanced editing and mixing techniques, advanced session configurations, troubleshooting techniques, automation and various complex plug-in processes. This course will give you the insight to make big production choices and establish yourself as a music producer. At the end of this course, students will have a firm understanding of how and when to make those critical production decisions that can turn a mix into a chart-topping hit. This course does require PT210P as a prerequisite. 

PT401 is a course for those seeking to expand their abilities and learn the secret art of mastering. This course is not for the novice Pro Tools user. Instructors will cover the most advanced studio setups and how to work with metering and audio analyzers. Mastering is the most delicate of the audio arts and takes years to perfect. With this course, we will set you in the right direction for a deeper understanding of the mastering process and how to establish yourself in the world of audio as one of the best mastering engineers.


Owner & Engineer, David Hughes, was interviewed by the Recording Connection about being a mentor for the audio production program. You can read the full interview here: